About the Owner

Hunter has loved all animals from a young age. Her school days were spent romping in the woods with the family dog catching frogs, small snakes and insects of all kinds. She has always had a deep understanding of nature and for the needs of animals. 
In her teens Hunter began caring for the pets of neighbors and friends. They were impressed with her ability to easily connect with their darling pets. She quickly became the number one sitter in her small town.
Her involvement in animal rescues began when she turned 18 and continued into early college life. She became a foster parent for cats and kittens in need or in shelters. She has saved countless cats from euthanasia by fostering for Cat Town of Oakland, Cat Support Network of Brentwood, and Pacific Animal Welfare Society of Hawaii. She started working hands-on with rescues which helped her gain experience calming stray dogs and feral cats, dealing with aggressive and scared animals, and administering medications to injured and ill pets. 
Hunter grew up in a military family and has lived all over the United States. She started pet sitting and dog walking in Northern California and continued her services in Oahu, Hawaii when she started college at Brigham Young University-Hawaii. She recently relocated to Harrisonburg, Virginia and will continue to pursue her dreams of working with animals. She is currently working towards her Bachelors degree in the Biological Sciences and hopes to use her education to open a No-Kill shelter one day.
Hunter was employed at Barnes N Noble Inc. in Northern California until her store closed in 2014. She was a highly regarded employee and loved nothing more than meeting her customers expectations. Afterwards, she worked for Tony La Russa's Animal Rescue Foundation where she taught children about the needs of animals and guided safe interactions between people and resident animals in the shelter. 
Hunter loves and always will love animals of every size and shape. Her endless compassion and strong work ethic creates an overall great personality and makes her a joy to work with.